Why You Shouldn’t Believe These Common Myths About Mediation

Mediation is a powerful legal tool that can help people resolve disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about mediation that prevent people from taking advantage of its benefits.

To learn more about the mediation process, SkeltonADR will debunk some common myths about mediation and help you decide if it’s the best course of action to take for your situation.

Myth: Mediation is Expensive

Mediation often costs less than litigation or arbitration because it does not require lengthy legal proceedings and court appearances. The cost of mediation can also be shared between parties in dispute, leading to saved time, money, and stress in the long run. 

Myth: Mediation is a Long Process

Mediation can be completed in a matter of weeks, days, or even just a few hours, depending on the complexity of the dispute. Mediation aims to find a resolution, and at SkeltonADR, our team does everything we can to avoid delaying the process.

Myth: Mediation Requires Too Much Compromise 

While there may be times when compromises need to be made during mediation, the process is designed to help each party find a resolution that considers their individual values and beliefs. The mediators at SkeltonADR guide each party toward a resolution and facilitate discussions while maintaining a level of neutrality. 

Myth: Mediation Requires You to Be in the Same Room as the Other Party

While face-to-face mediation may be preferred in some cases, many mediations are conducted via phone or video call. At SkeltonADR, we value our clients’ privacy and often meet with each party separately to confidently discuss the situation. 

Myth: Mediation is Only Used for Child Support and Divorce Cases

While many people associate mediation with divorce and other family issues, it can be used for various conflicts. Mediation can be used to resolve a wide range of disputes, such as financial, employment, and business disagreements.

Mediation in Fairfield County

If you’re considering using mediation to settle a dispute, contact the legal experts at SkeltonADR in Bridgeport, CT, by calling (203) 351-9111 or contacting us online. We can help determine each party’s objectives and work towards a fair resolution.