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Offering insight, knowledge and understanding to achieve successful mediation or arbitration for all NY and CT residents’ personal injury, medical & insurance disputes.

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Jay Skelton has dozens of years of experience settling personal injury actions and disputes between providers and medical companies with medical claims and claims involving the interpretation of insurance contracts. His mission is to provide New York & Connecticut residents with the knowledge and expertise needed to resolve their disputes amicably and efficiently through personalized alternative dispute resolution techniques.

Experienced ADR Lawyer

Jay Skelton is the professional to turn to if you are looking for an experienced and dedicated ADR lawyer. With a legal career spanning 35 years as a litigator and 25 years in alternative dispute resolution, he is committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for all his clients.

Complimentary Case Evaluation

If you believe ADR would work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today and schedule a complimentary case evaluation. Please ensure you gather all relevant information so we can start building your case and setting you up for success.

Individualized Attention

Our seasoned legal team knows that no two persons’ circumstances are the same. We are dedicated to offering first-class personalized ADR services, including arbitration, mediation and transformative mediation.

About Jay Skelton

As an arbitrator and mediator, Jay Skelton brings to every dispute his 35 years of experience as a civil litigator and a valuable ADR background that includes mediating more than 400 disputes and serving as arbitrator in thousands of cases spanning 14 years as an arbitrator.

When seeking to resolve their client’s disputes, attorneys in New York and Connecticut rely on Jay Skelton for his insight, knowledge and understanding developed through a legal career spanning 35 years as a litigator and 25 years in alternative dispute resolution.

Jay conducts mediation and arbitration sessions in conventional face-to-face arbitrations and mediations and, more commonly, Zoom, WebEx and other online media.

Jay worked as an arbitrator for 14 years and has spent much of his time in the arbitration and mediation of cases involving medical claims. Jay has also worked training lawyers around the country in effective mediation strategies.

Practice Areas

Jay Skelton, Esq., has over 14 years of experience as an arbitrator and mediator. His expertise spans numerous legal cases, including those involving medical claims, where he often trains lawyers around the country on effective mediation strategies. His mission is to provide his clients with high-level mediation and arbitration services to attain a favorable outcome for their cases.


Resolve your disputes outside the court thanks to our arbitration services. Jay Skelton’s expertise in effective arbitration methods allows him to settle disputes in a swift and private manner.


We encourage our clients to take an amicable approach to their disputes and avoid litigation by addressing them through our mediation services. This less costly alternative aims to settle disputes outside the courtroom.

Transformative Mediation

Transformative mediation is Jay Skelton’s technique of choice to settle disputes. Acting as a mediator, he aims to help the parties reach a new understanding of their conflict and each other while empowering them to be open to what is being presented in each moment.

What Our
Clients Say

Mr. Skelton was a calming presence, prepared meticulously, knew how to address conflict, could not have done more. Thank you.


Mr. Skelton has a wonderful speaking manner. Made the process smooth, easy to understand and pleasant.


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* Medical Dispute: Please note that if this case involves more than one medical claim between a medical provider and insurance company, you will be asked to submit the entire list of cases in an Excel spreadsheet so that each case can be entered separately into our system through a secure portal.

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